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Meet our Team

Name: Christian Simpkins
Role: Director

Name: Luke Burns
Role: Project Administrator
My Commitment Forward:
To consistently aim above and beyond the "accepted standard" in my position with the River City team.
Best Learning Experience:
Never assume to "know it all" as there will always be someone out there who knows more than you! Keep striving to better yourself however you can and always remember that "Healthy Things Grow"
Favourite Quote:
Always be yourself, unless you can be BATMAN, then always be BATMAN!

Name: Ben Wilson
Role: Foreman
My Commitment Forward:
To be a Foreman who encourages good safe work practices so that my team produces a quality product that exceeds clients expectations.
Best Learning Experience:
To accept new ideas and challenges even though they may seem difficult.
Favourite Quote:
Anything is possible if you set your mind to it and never give up.

Name: Hannah Simpkins
Role: Accounts and Office Manager
My Commitment Forward:
To build a better business. To create better results and have a safe, happy & healthy work environment for all staff .
Best Learning Experience:
It doesn't hurt to double check! Sometimes being thrown in the deep end is a blessing in disguise. You have to learn to swim real quick.
Favourite Quote:
Actions speak louder than words. With each action you take, your commitment is revealed. Priorities always determine your capacity.